Zak Glass Technology Expo

Being the single most important exhibition to showcase art products and innovative technologies, the Zak Glass Technology Expo is the industry’s best solution. This event takes up such an integral part of the industry where around 230 brands come in as exhibitors in a global scale. The Indian Glass Fraternity hosts a wide variety of showcase variations that increases the chance of your brand receiving proper recognition.

Zak Glass Technology Expo is an international trade event which represents the glass technology and industry. Initiation of this event was back in 2003. The location whereas keeps on alternating between Mumbai and Delhi.

This event is strictly restricted to the trade visitors and focuses on the theme of glass production techniques, processes, cladding etc. it is mostly a conference based event with multiple informative conferences between representatives of the glass industry. Being one of the biggest glass industry related expo, it happens to be the biggest one in all of South Asia, India being the prominent country.

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