The World Petroleum Congress exhibition is the most premium global oil and gas forum which attracts a wide range of spectators in and around the world. From the highest level industries to government leaders from all around the world, every important personnel such as the heads of state and ministers of energy all come together in the World Petroleum Congress exhibit every year.

As the World Petroleum Congress exhibit attracts delegates from over 100 countries – 50 national delegations, 700 speakers, 1000 media experts and more than 250 companies on exhibition booths, your brand needs to be on it’s a game.
This triennial event is known as the “Olympics” of the petroleum industry. Covering everything from technological advances, both upstream and downstream operations to the role of natural gas and renewables and many more. World Petroleum Congress exhibition is in charge of the management of industries and relatable social, economic and environmental impacts.

The overall programme is divided into 5 main blocks such as:
• Upstream innovation
• Downstream & petrochemicals innovation
• Natural gas innovation
• Future energy landscape
• Managing energy solutions

Why choose NestArt?

That is an excellent question. Why us? There is only one correct answer to this question – it is because NestArt understands a brand’s demands and creates trade booths that reflects the brand’s missions and visions. When a business can establish a proper trade booth in a globally acclaimed event such as the WPC – world petroleum congress. Our designs are world class and will reflect the tone and business attributions of a brand positively which helps the exhibitors in winning more favorable clients for the future.

Whether it is high end design pattern or an innovative trade stall design, NestArt is going to create an impactful impression for your brand’s WPC – World Petroleum Congress exhibition stall showcase!

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