SIBOS is one of the biggest global event platform which is not only restricted to the domain of exhibits but also includes a massive session of conferences. As the leading global event that is dedicated for the international financial community, SIBOS currently and in the past had attracted top-level decision makers and key topic experts. These experts and decision makers come in from multinational corporations, financial institutions, market infrastructures, software vendors and fine tech partners.

The SIBOS exhibition that is hosted is a truly special experience. There are unparalleled opportunities for networking and business development in SIBOS. High proposed delegates visit the exhibition. SIBOS events ensure a stand taking opportunity which caters and harbors over 8,000 key industry players in a singular venue. There are various new opportunities for the event participator to connect in one week’s time and SIBOS allows many businesses to flourish over the span of a year.

The SIBOS conference on the other hand, centers around a particular theme every year. The main key point with which it functions is by creating and targeting growth opportunities that are available from digital technologies to initiate new platforms, value propositions and business models. Many of the speakers focus on the ability of financial service provisions. This is done to identify, develop and strengthen the right connections.

Why choose NestArt?

NestArt brings variety and creativity to the trade booths at both national and international events. With our team of 20 executives and extremely talented designers, we, NestArt have been catering to world class brands.

We have a total of 30 man years of experience in this field and with this knowledge we construct aesthetic exhibition booths which is highly appreciated by exhibition visitors. Making your trade booth the most popular spot in an exhibition or event is our duty and we carry out our part with perfection.

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