Renewable Energy India Expo

Renewable Energy India Expo observes a grand opening every year with a huge number of attendees and exhibitors from all over the world. Participants like the leading international stakeholders and experts, all come into the picture with innovative technologies. Many international teams of exhibitors come together to form the most efficient and smooth running renewable energy solution.

The exhibition is organized by UBM India with the intention of growth acceleration of India’s Renewable Energy sector. The main aim is contribution of country’s sustainable economic development. The process involved in the event upscale applications of renewable energy resources and showcases innovations.

Renewable Energy India Expo brings together compatible exhibitors and many visitor profiles that are compatible with each other. The show presents best in class technology from global key innovators. Public and private sector decision makers come together in this exhibit from the largest international markets.
Renewable Energy India exhibit provides an ultimate business solution among the whole of industry which is associated with this sector and unites an elite class of buyers both globally and nationally.

Exhibitors benefit from the opportunity to meet with a range of international and regional buyers who have the authority to place real business. This global expo has exhibitors and attendees coming in from entire Asia-Pacific region with more than 30,000 industry visitors. The event goes on for a total of three days and is packed with inter industry business opportunities among the various renewable energy resource sectors.

Why choose NestArt?

NestArt’s team of 8 exceptional designers and 20 executives come together to ensure you have the most exceptional trade booths that captures the attention of the visitors in the event. Renewable energy expo is a grandeur opportunity to showcase what new technologies are about to hit the market and create an astounding impact. This hence is the right event to gain a better brand image and create massive impact.