Poultry India

Poultry India happens to be the biggest International Poultry Exhibition, organized and held at South Asia. This exhibition brings together the entire poultry industry. The event is a worldwide forum that caters to the various industries that are associated or are branches of the poultry sector.

Valuable information of the poultry industry, technology, feeding equipment, and breeding facilities all come in this one segment. Exhibitors taking part in Poultry India also deal and discuss on the Egg farming, animal health, poultry nutrition, and international poultry production topics. There is the offer of latest advances that is related to the poultry research, science, and technology fields like that of cage variety and feeds milling importance. It also offers advanced knowledge and understanding of poultry industry via scientific forums, training and career opportunities in this industry.

Poultry India inspires new designs and technologies for the industry and is a one stop forum for the Indian Poultry industry to experience ‘live’ display of the products and services. It builds a series of advancement and achievements that helps in the progress of poultry farming and dairy production.
There is also a seminar segment in the exhibit – Knowledge Day, which offers insightful seminar series with prominent leaders and speakers. The discussions are on various challenges and problems that are faced by Poultry Industry as a whole.

Covering all discussions that are related genetics or even processed food and many more of such topics, Knowledge Day technical seminar is a vivid solution.

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