Paint India

One of the oldest exhibition centers, the Paint India series is the grandeur pioneer of the coating and paint industry since 1993. The event has been in full motion since the past year where the industry has acclaimed many benefitting discoveries and innovative approach thanks to this long running exhibition series.

Paint India brings the biggest platform for all pioneers and premier coating exposition brands who are related to the coating industry in the Indian subcontinent region. Every geography looks highly up to the industry’s biggest achievements and latest technology that are introduced at the Paint India series of exhibition event.

Becoming the champion of this industry is pretty easy. Impress the visitors at the Paint India group of events and the brand is good to attract attention. Paintindia also includes a series of conferences. This event provides finest opportunities to make an entry to new markets in the fast-growing markets. Your brand can establish important business relationships as well!

Why choose NestArt?

Any form of designing and creativity requires great input. Allotting time and sparing a dedicated team to the construction or creation of a trade booth for a massive event such as Paint India, is too big of a task. NestArt simplifies this for you. We craft the most astounding 3D designs which will capture the attention of attendees all around.

Paint India is undoubtedly the biggest event where you will have to make an impression on the visitors. NestArt helps you cast that impression with our team of 20 enthusiastic executives and 8 brilliant designers. The trade booths that we design reflects the brand’s taste and key points that impresses more attendees and casts a better impression on the visitors. Our world class designs are the sure shot way to success in any given exhibition.