Media expo

An international trade exhibition for indoor and outdoor advertising and signage industry Media Expo is one of the most trusted exhibition platform which brings together dynamic mixture of traditional and upcoming brands. This exhibit is the industry’s most trusted trade exhibition for the indoor & outdoor advertising and signage industry. A notable platform that brings together a dynamic mix of traditional and upcoming brands, serves to be the perfect meeting point for industry professionals, creative leaders and influencers to converge with leading global brands to create lasting impressions on consumers.

This exhibit is the perfect platform for your brand to meet its industry professionals and grow with the help of creative leaders and influencers. Media Expo on other words, cast a very long lasting impression on the clients and allows your brand to gain a lot of brand image. Hitting the target audience and getting your network expand with up to date latest trends of the industry and name dimensions, Media Expo is the one stop solution for printing fabrication architectural hardware digital printing media signage etc.

At Media Expo a get to discover new age solutions and brands that have evolved over the years, a renowned platform that is at par with global standards. Each brand can showcase their products to the target audience and network with key decision makers for further funding of business.

Why choose NestArt?

NestArt allows your brand to create a valuable impression on the exhibitors, clients and potential business partners. We design the most convenient and innovative booth stalls for your brand with a team of 20 executives and 8 talented designers.

We expose your brand’s name to the limelight and give you the visual exposure needed to catch a glimpse of every attendee in the exhibition. Our 30 man year worth experience kicks in and gives your brand the benefit like no other!