IREE is a global platform for Indian railway technology and services that is organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry. The confederation organizes this in association with the ministry of railways of the Government of India. In general terms, this is a pretty big event for brand exposure.

This event is an annual exhibition where visitors and attendees come from all over the globe to participate and display their capabilities and requirements for Indian railways. The very first exhibition for IREE was held in the year of 1990 in Kolkata. At the time of this event, there were about 55 exhibitors from all over India and overseas. These exhibitors along with the attendees were discussing on the upgradation, modernization, computerization and more such topics for the Indian railways.

There was rise in the number of exhibitors in the next event stage. There were 100 exhibitors and each year, the number of exhibitors have increased by many folds. The event of IREE is simply a sensational exhibition where exhibitors display their work and get to invest or be a part of new and upcoming technologies that are going to revolutionize the face of Indian railways!

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