IndiaCorr Expo

IndiaCorr Expo is an exhibition and conference combine event on the corrugated case manufacturers industry. Launched in 2013, the IndiaCorr Expo gathered corrugated packaging industry professionals from across the globe. The trade show welcomes over 5000 attendees and trade visitors from 21 plus countries. There are over 250 conference delegates and 100 plus VIP buyers.

IndiaCorr Expo is Indian version of world’s leading trade show ‘Sino Corrugated’ and will cater to the manufacturers, buyers and users alike. IndiaCorr Expo is exhibition and conference on corrugated case manufacturers industry. SinoCorrugated – IndiaCorr Expo is India’s largest and most comprehensive show on corrugated case manufacturers industry. It is a unique and fully segmented programme which will showcase equipment, machineries and latest solutions from national and international participants.

The IndiaCorr Expo is held annually and has become an important meeting place for the industry where exhibitors and visitors both build strong relationship and secure crucial business deals. The base is of B2B market strictly and can create relative assessments for the company’s business ventures in the future.

Why choose NestArt?

Being a B2B business company and offering the exact services in an exhibition for the onlookers to create a brand value is quite a lot of pressure. On top of that, the duty to check out creative designs and finalize a pattern for your trade booth is too much hassle. In such global platform exhibition show, the brand needs to have it executed to the fullest potential.

NestArt understands the hassle of trade show booth designing and brings you an iconic professional service! We offer you the best exhibition booth designs which facilitate your trade booths and increase the brand name. Our team of 8 designers and 20 executives will take care of all the challengeable issues for any global event!

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