India Plast

India Plast happens to be the biggest international plastic exhibition for plastic industries for, packaging, printing, converting & rubber industries.

Serving as the best B2B tradeshow for India’s plastic industry, India Plast is the revolutionary event that changes the concepts of plastics manufacturing and processing units. Globally India has emerged as the leading hub for plastics manufacturing and processing over the years. Honoring this fact by bringing together innovative techniques and manufacturing deals, the plastic industry benefits a lot from this event in particular.

Being an event of such grave importance, India Plast attracts a big number of visitors and attendees who are purely interested in the upcoming innovative techniques that would heighten plastic industry.

The driving point of this event is so as to work continuously for Indian Plastics Machinery with Class in terms of Quality, Technology, Cost Competitiveness and Process Standards through inclusive and cooperative approach. All of this is going to create a value for the plastics processing industry that is going to benefit sales and production in relative brands.

Plastics Industry grows much faster than national GDP. The point of this exhibit is to make an attempt at understanding maturity and commitment of industry members, in reality quality outcome from exhibition has been declining.

Why choose NestArt?

NestArt establishes the best creative professional booth for this upcoming strictly professional B2B trade show where your brand can gain massive fan following. NestArt understands a brand’s demands and creates trade booths that reflects the brand’s missions and visions. When a business can establish a proper trade booth in a globally acclaimed event such as the India Plast exhibition.

With our team of 8 designers and 20 executives, we promise to create a trade fair boot which stands out among the adversaries and give them a tough competition. Whether it is high end design pattern or an innovative trade stall design, NestArt is going to create an impactful impression for your brand!

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