India Mobile Congress

Running since the past 2 years, India Mobile Congress happens to be the largest digital technology forum where exhibitors come in from globally acclaimed digital platforms. Being the largest conference and technology exhibition forum, India Mobile Congress attracts a give number of attendees.

This event is organized by the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) along with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). The primary focus is to be a platform for industry, businesses, regulators and policy makers. The event aims to give a platform to discuss critical issues that affect the growth and proliferation of telecom and technology sectors.

India Mobile Congress is an International platform with over 10 Partner Countries and 100+ Global Speakers. There are over 300+ Exhibitors and 75,000+ visitors. IMC is known for its thematic presence with a new theme for each year’s digital motivation. A brand can interact with both B2B and B2C partners to create a better relationship which boosts their business!
Hence, get a chance to collaborate and emphasize your brand’s business to greater heights along with the rest of the exhibitors.

Why choose NestArt?

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Our work will and does encompass many different stalls and exhibitors showcasing their brand’s finest services and products for the India Mobile Congress exhibitions. For any occasion administration and show management work, the team of 8 talented designers in our team come together and compose the most high functional trade booth design. Your brand values, style, budget and even the color preferences will be our top most priority. Blending in colors to define the brand’s project and highlight its attractive features are our top goals.