Being the world’s leading and largest trade fair focused on the glass industry, glasstec is the meeting ground of over 1,276 exhibitors from 50 countries. This exhibition focuses on everything from glass production, processing technology to new glass products or innovative craft processing. Everything that facilitates the expansion and development of glass industry is portrayed through the event of Glasstec.

Glasstec promises the benefit of new contacts, pure innovation and excellent business growth. This event is widely known for being hosted once in two years in Dusseldorf. Even the new technology of glass glazier craft and impetus crafting to architecture along with the trends and solar or photovoltaics is taken into full consideration.

Glasstec is, in fact, divided under, engineering, processing, manufacturing, finishing, craft, architecture and construction, window facade and solar. This event is thus accompanied by high-profile symposia and product demonstrations on cutting edge solutions. This event is a one of a kind exhibit being the most extensive glass event in the world.

Being a strictly B2B engaging platform, there are many benefits to being a part of the Glasstec exhibition. Discussion on new and upcoming technologies that changes the glass industry gives quite some leverage to the facilitation of overall business propositions. Construction of the trade booths needs to be of top class and very intriguing.

Why choose NestArt?

NestArt presents your brand with the state of the art designs for your exhibition trade booths. Our team is efficient at their task and will go through the pre-arranged guidelines to craft an innovative designer module which becomes the center of attraction in any given event. NestArt’s team of 8 exceptional designers create the perfect 3D trade booth model and our 20 executives make sure of its creation.

Glasstec exhibit takes place once in two years which makes this event a huge attraction. This opens up a lot of business opportunities. B2B strategies work marvelously for a well-defined booth.

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