Geospatial world forum is fairly a new event conference but it has a lot of potential with the ever emerging digital economy Geospatial world forum gives a chance for exhibition to project there new emerging technology and data analytical advancements. Targeting technology is a big challenge it will require endless collaboration and focus on your team’s part.

The Smart Geospatial Expo happens to be an annual event. It functions with the aim of promotion to development of geospatial information across its industry. The main goal is to support the overseas expansion of all domestic companies.
The Geospatial Expo thus, has become an annual event since its first start in the year of 2008. When this exhibition first started, there were many separate events integrated with it. Events that are related to spatial information like GIS Korea, Cadastral Innovation Expo had been integrated and expanded to the reorganization of government departments. All of that is relative to spatial information.

The current curriculum of this Expo includes an exhibition program. In this program, the hosts, organizers, and many other GSI-related companies take part. There are International Meetings for the Advancement of the Geospatial Information Cooperation. This is done to ensure that there is an expansion of exchange and information sharing with foreign guests.

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