EXCON happens to be the biggest event in the infrastructure industry. It is the biggest platform where Indian economy receives the highest key driving aspect. Now setting up a stall that attracts most of the audience attending this exhibition is the primal factor. With the goal to deliver an innovative designed booth in 3D structure for better assessment, NestArt is at your disposal.

EXCON is the biggest event for infrastructure industries in India. The attendees will be coming in from all around the world to look at the new developments and experience an evening of brilliant innovation. To dazzle these consumers and manufacturers, not only does a brand need substantial leverage in their products and services but also a very unique appealing booth.

The EXCON exhibition showcases latest advancements in construction engineering. Along with it, the event also emphases on latest products, equipment & technology. There is a specific emphasis on productivity, efficiency, environment protection, safety and construction quality. It is poised for immense growth with more international participation.

Why choose NestArt?

The trade booth will be the first factor that will attract the attendees. If the attendees are not attracted to your booth, why will they be investing their time and pay you a visit? NestArt understands this problem and offers you a solution which will help your booth become the center of attraction in the upcoming EXCON exhibition!

Pitching a B2B project to the attendees in a popular exhibition is very critical. The booth holds primary significance and is an introductory factor for creating brand awareness. Our designs are created specifically for innovative projects. Our innovative designs will help your brand stand out among the rest of your competitors. This allows you to win more favor in every exhibition that the brand participates in.

Unique designs and creative specialization is a guarantee NestArt offers. The exhibition stalls that we set up, has the most unique design crafted by our team of 8 designer experts.

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