Electronica India is the biggest platform for any kind of electrical components, gadgets, applications or procedures to be introduced or currently updated in an existing model. This industry brings in a wide variety of exhibitors every year to one of the most prestigious exhibitions which makes sure your products are heard of and acknowledged by the visitor’s.

This annual event brings in visitors from all over the world for learning, acknowledging and discussing in details the fate of electronics and electrical equipment servicing. The list of visitors for Electronica exhibit is set into a professional visitor call only. It hence gives a chance to the exhibitors to display their products and services which benefits not only their sales cycle module but also the current advancement of electronic items.

Putting up a booth for such a prestigious platform earns the brands a chance to expand their brand name and attract potential clients for future business ventures. As for the basis of this event, it is hard and fast focused on the electronic components, systems and relative applications.

Electronica continues for a span of 3 days enabling foreign companies to access Indian and South Asian region providing a platform for face-to-face contact with relative representatives.

Why choose NestArt?

NetstArt comes to your rescue by setting up the most prestigious and innovative trade stall design which ushers a high number of visitor and builds your brand integrity. Having a team of 20 professionals who carries out precise but complete fabrication procedure that has been laid forward by 8 multi-talented designers is something to look forward to. For us this is the simplest task at hand and will guarantee really bring you high number of appreciating visitors to your booth instead of your adversaries.

For us, every project is unique and exceptional. This is where our 30 man years of experience kicks in! NestArt has been blessed to work side by side with some of the biggest names in the telecommunications industry. Our work will and does encompass many different stalls and exhibitors showcasing their brand’s finest services and products for the Electronica exhibitions.