Organized by the India Trade Promotion organization, also known as the premier trade promotion body of the Government of India in New Delhi, India. AAHAR is one of the best-known exhibition event name in food and hospitality sector of Asia. The international food and hospitality fair – AAHAR, is the ultimate destination where global vendors and sourcing professionals come together.

AAHAR is that platform where small, medium and well-endowed dine ins and hotels can participate to learn their legal and ethical rights. Apart than these factors, the event allows insight into the operations and food safety concerns along with innovation for energy-efficient, budget-friendly raw materials. All of which boosts productivity, along with great profits. This allows the food industry to gain awareness and keep the business running smoothly. As the food and hospitality industry comes to produce productive economy, AAHAR forms the backbone.

As AAHAR’s popularity draws in a great number of visitors from the food and hospitality sector, setting up your brand’s booth is going to rejuvenate its image. AAHAR is best known for bringing the prominent brands of food and hospitality sector from India and the rest of the world together united under one roof.

Why choose NestArt?

NestArt is proud to be the number one choice for every business organization! We have been catering to clients at both national and international exhibitions for the past 5 years.

Sophisticated designs and sturdy framework are two of our many specialties which makes us the number one preferred brand for every exhibition. With a hardworking team of 20 professionals and 8 talented designers, we, NestArt have been creating sensational exhibition booths for world class clients. We are the proud presenters of previous year’s AAHAR exhibition booths for traders and exporters.

Our 30-man years of experience helps us deal with the innovative structures in demand by various organizations. Exhibitors attract a wide array of clients from national and international delegations smoothly with our creative displays.

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