A + A Congress Expo

A + A Congress Expo is the ultimate business platform for organizations working with safety, high risk prevention, health at work, etc. to build a better connection, expand and create a market for your brand in the work related health sector, participation in this 4 day event is necessary. This global event allows you to connect to other companies and create a network of valuable resources.

The A + A provides the world’s leading international trade fair. The motivation is to create a generous leading platform for business, communication and information. It covers the entire spectrum of exhibits for Safety and Security. The exhibitors – from small businesses to global players – will present a remarkable portfolio of products, solutions and innovative concepts and themes. This event is growing recognition that improving productivity and business success is unavoidably connected with work safety. The safety industry is proving to be one of the innovative industries. Of extremely hazardous conditions of production of early industrialization to date have been in Western countries achieved quantum leaps in improvements in the area of personal protection, occupational safety and health at work.

The event runs for 4 days on a whole and usually is witnessed to start off in the month of October. There are about 1887 plus exhibitors from an approximate 57 countries and 65000 plus visitors on the A + A exhibitions each time.

Why choose NestArt?

NestArt is proud to be the leading exhibition trade stall and booth provider to the exhibitors in the A + A Congress Expo meet. Our talented team of 20 executives bring together spectacular 3D booth models that make your brand stand out amongst the other trade booth exhibitors.

The technology industry is ever evolving and changing in dimensions. We at NestArt function with the main goal to convey high quality exhibition stands and provide you with a versatile show case solution.